Please allow us to introduce ourselves...


Hi! My name is Cayli. I help run our business by filling jars and buckets with delicious nut butter in our factory (we call it the Nut House). My personal favorite nut butter is our mouthwatering roasted cashew butter. When I’m not making nut butter, I love being outdoors, gardening, and working with our ranch animals here at East Wind. I especially love milking our three beautiful dairy cows- Josephine, Marmalade, and Jordana. Peanut skins (a natural byproduct of our peanut butter production) are a favorite treat of our cows, goats, and pigs. Thank you from all of us at East Wind for supporting East Wind Nut Butters!

How to Buy

Retail Customers

We are currently carried throughout the Midwest by two natural foods distributors, UNFI and KeHE. We are also carried by KeHE in the South. Retail customers in these areas may find our products at a local store.

Customers can also order from us directly on our retail web site, at East Wind Crafts is the retail arm of East Wind, selling products to the public on behalf of our wholesale nut butter and sandals businesses. You can purchase East Wind Nut Butter and Utopian Rope Sandals. We partner with Twin Oaks Hammocks on an as needed basis to help with hammocks production. We usually have an inventory of Twin Oaks Hammocks available for sale, which you can purchase on the retail web site as well.

Utopian Rope Sandals are handmade by community members from durable polypropylene rope. The sandals are lightweight (about 8 oz. per pair), and will not rot or mildew. Because they float and get excellent traction on wet surfaces, the sandals have long been popular with boaters and canoers. We offer sandals in a wide range of sizes and colors, and can make custom sandals upon request. Twin Oaks Hammocks are comfortable and durable, and perfect for sunny day lounging by yourself or with a friend or two— or even three.


Wholesale Customers

We are currently carried by two natural foods distributors in the Midwest and surrounding areas, UNFI and KeHE. Most of our products are available through UNFI, and we are working on expanding our offerings with KeHE. We encourage customers to purchase our products through our distributors. If you have an account with UNFI Iowa City, UNFI Greenwood, KeHE Bloomington, KeHE Romeoville, or KeHE Dallas, we can send you a list of what is available from your warehouse. This arrangement is generally most economical. If this is not possible, we do sell direct. Wholesale prices apply to orders exceeding 500 lbs. To meet the needs of small business customers who do not order in this quantity, we have a small business price level, which includes a small markup over regular wholesale. If you would like a price sheet, please contact us by email at, or phone at (417)679-4682.

Wholesale customers typically fill out a new account application, and place orders on net 30 terms. Small business customers typically pay at the time of their order with a credit card, but can also set up a net 30 account if they prefer. Orders can be faxed or emailed. Customers who buy direct incur shipping costs in addition to the cost of the product, which depend on the weight of the product and the zip code we are shipping to. Orders in excess of 500 pounds are shipped via freight. Smaller orders are shipped by either freight or UPS, whichever is less costly. We receive discounts on both our freight and UPS rates due to the volume we ship. Customers also have the option to arrange shipping themselves and have the order picked up at our dock. We do have customers that prefer this method, and they either send their own company truck or arrange for third party freight shipping.